Donnerstag, Mai 25, 2006

Best Practice: In Search of Successful Cross-Border Publishing Stories

For an In-house Workshop (maybe more) I am collecting examples on internationally successful publishing companies (B2B and Special Interest). In Germany I have among others Bauer, Burda, G+J International, Motorpresse and in B2B Vogel Medien, Germany (and not only because I worked there for 15 years).

I still need some good example of successful publishing, specially from France and Italy ... if you are willing to share, please leave a comment or send me an eMail.

Of course, I checked ABM's International Committees Guides to Cross-border Publishing, FIPP's 'International Magazine Publishing Handbook' (FIPP stands for 'International Federation of the Periodical Press') and guess what, I goggled.

What does 'maybe more' mean:
I plan to start a Wiki on 'Cross-Border Publishing' and I am looking for some initial collaborator on this project. If you are interested and willing to share? Please leave a comment!

The Vogel Story:
One Hit on Google brought me to FIPP Website and the following re-published article:

Claus Wuestenhagen, chief executive of Vogel Medien GmbH & Co, offers advice to aspiring cross-border publishing companies...

(He wrote in this article, first published in Magazine World, issue 42)

"At Vogel Business Media we have been exploring markets outside Germany since 1989. Today group sales are valued at some 400 million euros, of which more than 25% are earned overseas."

I hope, he doesn't mind, if I add 90 years of cross-border publishing by Vogel:

Vogel Publishing, lead by the Vogel Family from Poesneck, started cross-border publishing in already 1899 ... as you can see from this chart:

Vogel started in 1899 with local editions - started in 1921 export-oriented publication - and was back to editorial independent local editions starting 1989 (or with CHIP Italy in 1984) and accelerated this process systematically, with full power and great support from the publisher Kurt Eckernkamp and shareholders from the Vogel family.

(In the years 1994 - 1998 high growth and (in 1998) about 27 % of the Vogel Media Group turnover (without MPI), came from Vogel's international business.)