Dienstag, Mai 23, 2006

BookSurge (Amazon) Offers Print-on-Demand for Publishers

from the internet retailer (19-May-2006)

"Amazon.com Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary BookSurge LLC are launching a new print-on-demand program designed to help book publishers sell lower-volume titles more economically. The books are printed as they are ordered, giving publishers a way to bring back out-of-print titles and introduce new lower-volume titles [...]

BookSurge for a limited time will provide discounted book-scanning services with no upfront investment to the publisher and free set-up for titles with print-on-demand-ready digital files, [...]

The Print-on-Demand Scene is heading up. PoD is not restricted to the entry-level of book publishing, small-number publishing, back-listed and out-listed book publishing, it will change and comfort the transition to a 'more digital world' - You might like it or not!

What can be beneficial for authors, readers and publishers, will change the world of producing and distributing 'book selling' ... . We have already seen PoD solution in newsprint, custom-publishing, etc. and we will see many more (incl. magazines, part-work, loose-leaf).

via MarketingVOX (22-May-2006)

When will Amazon deliver this service in Europa? Lulu.com is since March 2006 in UK and Germany active.

Some background:
Amazon bought BookSurge last Spring (2005) -
before Amazon: Quote from Bookmarket.com

"BookSurge ..."The parent company of Digitz.net (see below) and GreatUNpublished.com (also see below), it is attempting to build the world's largest ebookstore. It currently publishes 1500 titles via its own imprints and distributes another 5,000 titles from more than 250 other publishers. In June 2002, they announced a partnership with R.R. Bowker to provide POD books via BooksInPrint.com, BookWire.com, and other Bowker web sites. They now provide full-color POD printing [...]"