Donnerstag, Mai 04, 2006

BtoB's 2006 Interactive Marketing Guide (PDF, f.o.c.)

BtoB Magazine's Special Issue

2006 Interactive Marketing Guide
as PDF free (compliments of IEEE Spectrum) (PDF, 7.63 MB)

Articles, tables, addresses - a 40 page collection, incl. ads (U.S.)


- B-to-b marketers and other experts discuss interactive marketing trends

- Integrating e-mail with other media is an effective strategy
- E-mail resources

- Despite click fraud, marketers continue to embrace search
- Search Resources

Web Sites
- How to tailor Web sites for customers and prospects

Social Media
- Will blogs and podcasts become a major communications channel?

Online Advertising
- Improve brand experience for visitors using online video and rich media
- Online advertising resources

Online Events
- How to increase returns on Webinars and webcasts

Online Publishers
- Innovative branding campaigns will attract new audiences
- Online publishers resources

Interactive Agencies
- Agencies incorporate intereactive into overall operations
- Interactive agencies list

- How the brave new world of social media will lead to unprecendented opportunities

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