Mittwoch, Mai 24, 2006

Doing Business In Ukraine (PDF)

My friends and partners from Kiev / Kyiv Ukraine have written a compact Guide on

Doing Business in Ukraine

Ukraine a country struggling hard and successful for independence (you might have heared about the Orange revolution) and democracy. Besides all problems left, today Ukraine is a democratic, prosperous country with a well educated and eager worksforce, and on its way to be for years one the most dynamic economies in Europe and ready for doing business with foreign partners and investors.

The Guide ‘Doing Business in Ukraine’ give an up-to-date overview on UA’s economy and details about the IT, Telecommunication and Internet market.

Download Doing Business in Ukraine (PDF, 691 KB)

Our partner in Ukraine

SoftPress | ITWare |ICC Internet Consulting |Fourth Sector media center

And back home in Kyiv is Dennis with his Call Center Sevice

contactis - Outsourcing contact center