Donnerstag, Mai 04, 2006

FM's Advertising Platform for Blogs Launched!

Matthew Creamer (Advertising Age) interviewed with John Battelle about recently launched Federated Launches Ad Network for Bloggers

A Blog Network That Gets Marketers in the Conversation

(Beta of course - but running!)

On FM's advertising platform Online advertisers can search, create, buy and run run campaigns directly on so called 'high-quality' (popular) Weblogs (today about 50), serving more than 70 million page views a month.

It looks appealing, easy and functional.

Check it out here!

I haven't spend money with FM, but it looks good and (some) authors (like John Battelle) have a say on the further development ...

There are some critic / suggestions I have on FM's (Beta):

The Voice of the Customer is hardly present - at least from outside! Haven't you (FM) heard about building a 'Church of Customers'?

- On my service site I would like to hear (and benefit) from and communicate with other advertisers about their experience and

- I would like to converse with the readers of chosen blogs about the campaign and benefit from their "inside" - and

- sometimes in I need to talk to the authors too.

You wonder what FM stands for?

FM stands for Federated Media Publishing - and they SELL Advertising!

Serving Advertisers like Adobe, Apple, Budget Rental Car, Citibank, DreamWorks, General Motors, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft and Sony and Bloggers (aka Publisher / Authors - about 50 they say) like Boing Boing, BuzzMachine,,, Goggle Blogoscoped, Searchblog and TechCrunch and a passionated and highly engaged audience.

via John Battelle's Searchblog