Montag, Mai 22, 2006

Google's Preparation for the Next Internet

via Tomi T Ahonen on Communities Dominate Brands

Today's Financial Times runs a column by Eric Schmidt (CEO Google)

Let more of the world access the web

"Mobile phones are cheaper than PCs, there are three times more of them, growing at twice the speed, and they increasingly have internet access. What is more, the World Bank estimates that more than two-thirds of the world's population lives within range of a mobile phone network. Mobile is going to be the next big internet phenomenon. It holds the key to greater access to everyone - with all the benefits that entails [...]

In just a few years the internet has moved from the periphery to the centre of our lives. We have not seen such a life-changing communications technology since the invention of television [...]"


Tomi T Ahonen wrote on the subject before
What happens when the majority access the web by mobile phone

Maybe, Klaus Eck 's timing was not so bad ....