Montag, Mai 29, 2006

Guardian's 50.000 Reader Comments

(and 2 million page impressions a month) since March 2006 on 'comment is free' is not only an organizational and time consuming challenge, but also a solid proof that readers participation is a diamond in the news-service business and in the rejuvenate of newspaper (news-services) relation with their readers / users.

Robert Andrews reports on from the Guardian Hay Festival in Powys on a session with Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger.

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Some quotes from Georgina Henry:

"Nine months in, they (US Writer Network Huffington Post , Link) we're up to about 500 bloggers after two months," she said. "We've put up about 1,400 pieces on the blog, another 1,200 pieces from the paper.

"When I started this, I did look on it as a newspaper journalist; these were things that we were putting up that you had to read. I didn't really get the measure of the conversation that goes on.

"Two months on, I'm kind of humbled by it. You have to think in a different way about what exactly does divide your professional columnists and the people that I recruited to blog from the readers, who are sometimes extremely erudite."

and from Alan Rusbridger:

"What we're doing, which no newspaper has ever done before, is to take your elite stable of columnists, who are paid, and pitch them into the same space as people who aren't paid" [...]

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That bring me to the idea to suggest an 'Old Media Rejuvenate Session' at Reboot 8.0 later this week. If you are interested, please leave a comment.