Montag, Mai 08, 2006

If Publishing a Magazine in China would be easy

everyone would just go there, spend some money and do it. It would take all the adventures part and the fun out of the game!

On DANWEI Joel Martinsen published an article

Wait, what's the name of this magazine again?

about the ways and difficulties to publish a magazine in China. Fons from China Herald added some, like publishing from HK, publishing under a book no. ... and I wouldn't stop checking and counting. It is the stucture behind the officals, which counts.

I remember, about 1997, I meet the Bernhard von Minckwitz from Germany's largest publisher Bertelsmann in China. He asked my, why they cannot get, what we already have ...'

and my somewhat cheeky answer 'it is not enough to come with deep pockets to China, you also need some brain (good ideas)' destroyed (until now) all chances of cooperation.