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Donnerstag, Mai 18, 2006

IMS's HealthWatch for the The Magazine Industry

Conley-Sarbin's blog on magazine blogs MagazineEnterprise360 pointed - for all folks who think B2B Print is dead - to Hershel's (Sarbin) article

B-to-B print in decline? Not so fast, please!

Hershel seems to be happy with the new statistic of ABM (and more) and asks:

“Are print magazines challenged? Of course. Do magazine brands have unusual opportunities for growth in a multi-platform world? You bet!"

And he quotes to Matthew Schwartz in BtoB Online

“In any case, Matthew cites the real numbers as a good starting point. *B-to-b print revenue finished 2005 up 5.4% over 2004–at $10.6 billion […] " with

"ABM projects print revenue will grow 4-5% this year, while ad pages are expected to increase 3%; online ad revenue should grow 20 to 22%, and trade show revenue 6% to 7% […] "

Later in his article he points to the IMS HealthWatch service (for Consumer and B2B Magazines) - being the real reason for me writing this post -


Bookmark it - or even better - check it out, now!

and than he points to a new tool for planning and managing

The Index of Magazine Advertising

For moments I was electrified. Did I encounter a first public Prediction Market implementation for the publishing / media industry?

(No, I did not, it "just" helps to build the index more accurate ... but it would have been not such a bad idea after all!)

Wake up magazine publisher! Prediction Markets for you and your 'friends', if you host a community and care about your 'members' health and happiness!

Is anybody listening from ims? Hey Martin (Hochstein), why don't you ...