Freitag, Mai 12, 2006

Internet in Africa - Progress and Disinterest

Where are the (infrastructur) roll-out-plans to serve that 915 million people in 54 countries and make Internet usage affordable to most of them? There is some progress yes, but still in small numbers and a lot of disinterest (or fear) from the government, from media and from the ITC industry ...

We media Global Forum last week in London called for action
We The World: Africa

Some facts on Internet Africa:

The World Internet Usage Statistics report (March 2006 data) for Africa:

Population (est. 2006): 915 million
Population in % of World Population: 14.1 %

Internet User/Usage: 23.6 million
Internet Penetration: 2.6 %
Usage in % of Word Usage: 2.3 %
Usage Growth 2000 - 2005: 423.9 %

Internet World Stats has a detailed List by countries has a large table compiled from "CIA The World Factbook 2006"
Web Usage Climbs in Africa - Usage and ISP's

And eMarketer adds on 10-May-2006 some additional resources from ITU and Africa Online on Internet Africa

Africa Is Coming Online!

Is Africa 'coming'?

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