Mittwoch, Mai 24, 2006

Media Business Model Must Follow Media User Changing Behavior

Charlene Li led a panel with people from Six Apart, Google, WetPaint, and

The purpose of the sesion was 'to give traditional media a chance to see how technology is changing the way consumers interact with media' and encourage them to change their media business model' ...

She argued (in short) - you should read the rest of her post at Forrester Blog

Media companies in the past derived their value from either:

1) their distribution channel; or

2) the content they created.

in the future media companies will "generate the bulk of their value from serving their ability to aggregate and serve audiences better than the competition."

Read her post and comments at

I don't think the later is realy new. Traditional media habe been great aggregaters and great service providers (at least most of them) and for a very long time!

And there is no need to change the business model, but aggregation and service requirements have changed, and traditional media is in danger to loose sight of their readers / users needs, wants and ways and pattern of media consum ...

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