Sonntag, Mai 14, 2006

Media Consumption and Buying Power of U.S. Key Decision-Makers

Ipsos Media’s new survey USBRS 2006 has new data on media consumption and buying power of key decision-makers in the US ...

Some quotes:

" [...] Surveying the media habits of the US’s most influential decision-makers across TV, print and websites, the survey paints a picture of news hungry, internet-savvy executives - 92 per cent like to keep up with the latest news - for whom a real cross section of media has a role to play [...]

[...] USBRS 2006 also demonstrates that US Senior Business Executives thirst for knowledge can only be satisfied when using all of the available media providers. Senior Executives turn to network TV for entertainment; cable TV first for breaking news and sport; believe national newspapers have the best journalists and reliable reporting; and turn to business magazines first for business news.

Internet use is still growing. Not only do one fifth of these top business executives use the internet as their first port of call for business news; it is also the most popular first step to gleaning financial news, used by 24 per cent of this group, information on financial markets, 26 per cent, personal finance, 30 per cent, and technology, 23 per cent.

However, while nearly two thirds, 65 per cent, of the mostly C-level audience questioned, spend more time reading business information online than in the past, this doesn’t seem to be having a negative impact on print readership, with over two thirds, 68 per cent, believing the internet is an important part of a business publication’s overall offering. While using a publication’s website is yet to become part of the daily routine of two thirds of this audience, clearly there is a real opportunity for publishing houses to build on this consumption [...]

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