Montag, Mai 29, 2006

A (still in Pilot) is a project still in pilot. And it seems, there is a job to be done.

Take a look at some pre-tests result from their study.


I am not so sure that news services will always welcome such harsh votes and this kind of transparency, e.g. whether the NYT likes to see Mini-Review like this

We will see, how it will work out.

But it surely will steer up discussion and interest in quality and quality control for all news services ...

Some Background:

NewsTrust's - a non-profit, non-partisan, community-based service, devoted to quality journalism - aim is to

- help to find "news you can trust."
- identify quality journalism through online social networks.
- help citizens make informed decisions about our democracy.

On their Management you find: Fabrice Florin, Rory O'Connor (Editorial) and David Fox (Production) and the list of advisers is quite impressive

Wes Boyd –
Krista Bradford - Bradford Associates
Doug Carlston - Public Radio International
Robert Cox - Media Bloggers Association
Mike Dixon - Google News
Dan Gillmor – Citizen Media Center
John Hammond – Washington News Council
Rebecca MacKinnon – Harvard
Bill Mitchell – Poynter Institute
Howard Rheingold – Smart Mobs
Kim Spencer – Link TV
Mark Tapscott - Heritage Foundation

More ... visit NewsTrust About