Mittwoch, Mai 17, 2006

NSK Survey: Japanese Newspaper Readership Slightly Down

The Japan Times Online has a detailed report on NSK's National Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association Survey:

Readership of newspapers dips slightly: survey

Quote (17-May-2006):

"A survey shows that 92.5 percent of the public reads newspapers, on average 5.6 days a week.

The finding apparently reflects Japanese people's continued confidence in conventional print media, though the rate of readership is down from 94.5 percent in the previous survey in 2003.

[...] The largest percentage of those polled, 53.6 percent, indicated they see newspapers as "indispensable information sources," against 38.5 percent who give private television broadcasters that ranking, and 35.4 percent NHK in that light.

The poll found that 31.3 percent regard the Internet as an "indispensable information source."

A little more than 53 percent see newspapers as having an "impact on society," followed by 46.7 percent who see the same effect from private TV broadcasters and NHK, and 29.9 percent who cited the Internet.

Sixty-seven percent, the largest percentage, said they feel close to private TV broadcasting firms, but only 31.3 percent indicated they feel the same way about newspapers.

[...] NHK topped the list of media in terms of "accuracy of information" with 43.8 percent of the respondents giving it the top rank, followed by 42.8 percent for newspapers, 13.6 percent for private TV broadcasters, 12.8 percent for the Internet, 11.7 percent for radio stations and 4.3 percent for magazines.

[...] While Internet use is up, newspapers and TV stations continue to play a major role in mass media, the association said in a statement."

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