Dienstag, Mai 23, 2006

Nylon Magazine's New Outlet: To Reach 50+ Millions

Nylon Magazines is testing a new 'outlet'
(saving 'some' production and distributions costs)

From the NYT (22-May-2005):

"MySpace.com, which began as an online community for user-generated content like music and videos and quickly developed into a launching pad for new bands (among other things), has struck a deal for exclusive access to the next issue of the magazine Nylon.

Nylon, which covers music and fashion, will release a free digital version of its June-July music issue with MySpace on Wednesday. The digital issue, which will be available for downloading at the magazine's Web site (www.nylonmag.com/digital), will be identical to the print version, which will not reach newsstands until May 31 [...]"

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