Mittwoch, Mai 17, 2006

One More Time about Vertical Search: Zibb

after Rollyo Search - VS Roundtable - Google Co-op (and many more ...)

Marie Griffin writes for all 'B2B publisher'
an introduction to Reed's 'Zibb' on b-to-b (16-May-2006)

Reed Business launches Zibb vertical search pure full (in Dutch of course) on EDN


"[...], a freestanding destination for global b-to-b search, made its debut in beta form on the site of EDN, Reed’s premier title in electronics. The plan is to roll out as a freestanding, international b-to-b search brand over the next several months [...] all Reed’s Web sites, which cover 40-plus vertical markets worldwide, will act together as an affiliate network" returns "results from Reed’s Web sites, databases and advertisers but also from the publisher’s competitors, other suppliers, blogs and anywhere else on the Web relevant business information may reside" [...]

Revenue for Service will come primarily from advertising ...

(and from ASP and sydication deals.)

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