Freitag, Mai 26, 2006

Prism Business Media Need to Restructure Again

Formerly known as Intertec Publishing, Primedia Business Information, PBI Media Holdings, Inc. ...

According to Tony Silber on Folio:

Prism President and CEO John French (previously at Penton) announced last Monday in a staff memo

- the sacking of Jeff Reinhardt (highly profiled in B2B publishing, and after 19 years of service) and elimination of the position of Senior VP, as well as

- a restructuring from five to four groups to "facilitate better collaboration of franchises within a market to better serve our customers" [...] The benefits of this realignment will enable Prism to better expand our franchises beyond print into online and other media and meet our growth goals"

What about tackling customer's goal? Maybe that will be the subject of John's next staff memo ...