Mittwoch, Mai 24, 2006

Publishers Tackled Vertical Search Issues

Marie Griffin on B-to-B Online (23-May-2006) shares some urgent calls from the ABM - IDG Expo workshop

Vertical Search in the B-to-B Market

in New York, N.Y. on May 15th. E.g. Keynoter Mark Cordover ( (yes, he also wants to 'sell' his technology to as many publishers as possible) said ...

"Advertising dollars allocated to paid search overtake those allocated to online display advertising [...] "

Publisher know that (and feel it in their pockets, too), but don't care much. Or is it an act of charity towards this 'youngers'?

"Expounded on the provocative hypothesis that ubiquitous search is such a threat to b-to-b media companies that it could lead to the wholesale obliteration of your brand [...] "if b-to-b media companies continue to limit their search functionality to their own sites [...]"

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