Donnerstag, Mai 18, 2006

Routes to Success for Business-to-Business Publishers’ Websites

FIPP's updated survey on successful B2B Websites examines how publishers are using the internet in conjunction with their magazines to create profitable, high-impact brand and audience extensions.

The 2006 results are based on the experiences of 46 'successful' websites from all over the world. 66 percent of them are in profit, less than 20 percent making a loss and about 15 % are even.

About the method and pre-requests for this study:
To qualify, publishers had to judge that their sites were successful. The criteria for success could apply to creating new revenue streams, attracting new customers or advertisers, or in any other way in which the website had achieved pre-set goals. Consequently, the results are not necessarily representative of all b2b websites.

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Reference: Previous B2B report (PDF)