Donnerstag, Mai 18, 2006

Sounds good: 6.6 million Euro Profit on a Newspaper Website

not in USA, not in the UK, not in Germany, but in the Kingdom of Norway ... a country with 4,64 million inhabitants, with a great tradition in newsprint .

The 'company' runs also a Norwegian tabloid paper, with a declining daily circulation of now 300.000 copies (which is still not to bad).

The Website delivers a margin of 52 %, again, not bad, not bad at all ...

Guess what news company this is? And check out what might make that Online Newssite so different and successful ...

Steffen Fjærvik writes about that success at E-Media Titbits

Your answer: \___/ ?

Let me calculate how much such a newssite would make in Germany:
118 million Euro (Profit!) Who will be first?