Samstag, Mai 13, 2006

A Summary: Vertical Search Roundtable

via my blogger friend Colin Crawford on Colin's Corner

desilva+phillips (mediabankers) has edited and published a summary from the panel

Can Vertical Search Prosper in the Age of GYM (Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft) ? (PDF)

held at the DeSilva + Phillips 2006 Media Dealmakers Summit with Colin (IDG), Eric Shanfelt , (Penton) and Mitch Rouda (Hanley Wood).

Quote from Colin:

"The goal [of Vertical Search] is to pull together the content from your editors and from your vendors, and most importantly from your knowledgeable user base. So if you’re looking for a product, you do your research but then you ask people who have perhaps bought that product in the past to give you their advice. This deep type of involvement in special-interest areas is not something the general search engines can offer."

My answer would have been: Sure it can and it will prosper! The open question is, whether vertical search it will prosper as an integrated business of the GYM's or as progressive, developing and integrated business for the more 'traditional publishers and b2b service provider?

The following chart is about US, not Europe and certainly not Germany.

2005 B2B Online Marketing Spending

Percent of 2005 Online Marketing Budget by Tactics
(General Sites incl. sites like the GYM's and
general business sites e.g.

Source: cut from the summary (s.a.)

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