Freitag, Mai 19, 2006

TechTarget on Target?

Investors want to make money, want to see cash. Quite understandable after spending over time 127 million USD on TechTarget (2006 turnover estimate: 80 million USD).

For me TechTarget stands for many thinks:
good ideas, successful (maybe excessive) fundings, aggressive (maybe to costly) acquisitions, noisy (and sometimes confusing) communication, and a not so complete (and profitable) business model ...

Barry Graubart on Content matters, points to Rafat Ali (on Paid Content) and Venture Wire news:

TechTarget acquired 2020Software

a comparison and demo site, targeting SMB's interested in Trail-/Demoversion, and paid for it, as the rumors say, in the "eight figure range".

TechTarget Press release

TechTarget CEO Greg Strakosch predicting an IPO "within the next year" (this is not really new) and accelerates its international efforts

(after collecting about 127 million USD fundings in round A, B and C and a collapsed sales effort last year (TechTarget's expectation were 'not far from 600 million USD').

To make TechTarget international more shine and attractive, they increased their efforts and announced recently the 25th country on their list (Reed, UK shortly after contracting with Vogel Business Medien, Germany).

Press release

Along with this, I have (again) to correct TechTarget's rumored turnover figures estimate

Newest estimate!
Turnover 2006 about 80 million USD,
Turnover 2007 reaching 100 million USD - according to Greg (see below)

Earlier quotes from Folio: were

Revenue 2004 close to 80 million USD (management confirmed)
Revenue 2005 about 117 million USD
Revenue 2006 (see above)

Not clear to me, which of this estimated (or checked) figures brought TechTarget on the 2004 'Inc. 500 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in United States'.

Venture Wire / quote from Rafat Ali:
"confirmed by TechTarget's CEO Greg Strakosch, the company continues to be profitable and would approach a revenue of 100 USD in 2007. Venture Wire estimates that 2006 revenue will be approximately 80 USD in 2006"