Mittwoch, Mai 31, 2006

Web to Overtake National Newspapers in Advertising in 2006

(heading corrected in "National" Newspaper)

Irish reports (30-May-2006) on a paper written by GroupM's Futures Director Adam Smith


"Global advertising firm GroupM said the internet will take a 13.3% share of the media advertising market in 2006 compared with 13.2% for the printed versions of national newspapers [...] "

"It contrasts with last year’s 9.7% for the internet and 13.8% for national newspapers and propels the internet into third place behind regional newspapers and TV, which are forecast to take 19.6% and 28.8% this year respectively [...] "

"The internet is expected to post a 39% rise in advertising revenues this year compared with a 1.9% decline for national newspapers, 6.6% decline for regional newspapers and 2.4% decline for TV [...] "

More ... from the Irish Examiner

I didn't find the report online, but I'm sure he talks about UK market, but ...

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