Mittwoch, Juni 07, 2006

Bad News About Reported B2B News

Fellow B2B blogger Paul Conley believes in, what Outsell found out, according to InformationWeek (Press Releases Are More Popular Than Reported News).

I'm sure he just hasn't seen the new ABM campaign yet (my previous post), so he is still unconvinced and mourning about lost chances in B2B publishing:

He writes:

"Today is not a good day for B2B journalism

First there is the depressing study by research firm Outsell, which says that "press releases have surpassed trade journals as the leading source of information for knowledge workers."

I've long bemoaned that too many of our peers blur the lines between press releases and original reporting. But now, if the Outsell report is to be believed, readers in at least one B2B space are saying they use press releases more than they use our publications. And that is simply heartbreaking.

Certainly some of this can be traced to the immediacy of the Web. Companies that once needed us to distribute their press releases can now communicate directly with their target audience. And as I've said before [...]"

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