Mittwoch, Juni 07, 2006

Business Media: Don't Read It, Devour It!

via Media Daily News (7-June-2006):

"At a time when demand for business-to-business media appears to be inching up, the business media industry is kicking off a big advertising push designed to raise its awareness on Madison Avenue. The effort being announced today by trade organization American Business Media, features a new ad campaign created by New York-based DiMassimo Inc., and focuses on the influential nature of B-to-B media outlets [...] " more.

ABM Press release

Campaign motto and graphic representation:
"Business Media. Devoured by the Influential"

The copy:
"Decision makers crave information. That’s why they are deeply engaged with business media. A print message as part of an integrated campaign, in front of this involved audience, raises brand awareness and delivers quality leads and purchases. Providing nourishment for their minds and fuel for your ROI. To learn more, read the Forrester study at"

Here one of ABM's (unpaid) online ad

How and where might this story end? Like MPA's last years campaign?