Sonntag, Juni 18, 2006

The Dawn of Influence 2.0

Jim Nail (from the cymfony Knowledge Center) declares ...

"The worlds of marketing, public relations, customer service and all market-facing functions know that the old mass media/marketing models are broken and major change is afoot. There are myriad new formats, channels and tools, but no new framework to make sense of it all. So Cymfony is putting a stake in the ground:

we are brashly declaring the Dawn of the Influence 2.0 Era [...]"

More ...

[added 19-June-2006: Chart from Jackie Huba on Word of mouth]

On his blog he shares also the first chapter of 'The Influence 2.0 eBook'

and (a first draft) of 'The Influence 2.0 Wiki' for US to influence
(e.g. read, contribute, expand, revise, etc.)