Freitag, Juni 16, 2006

Digging for B2B Media & Publishing

I just started a

Digg-like Website b2b-media & publishing
with News, Ideas, Solutions and Thought about B2B

To identify, collect, share, discuss and promote articles helping the b2b-media-sphere

You, You and You

Start to place the best article of the last week (or last two weeks) and vote for article already online!

(I have placed a few from my last blog entries ... we need a critical mass of article to get it going!)

Yes, subscribe to article and comments feeds - and help to get us started!

To make it easy:
To post quickly use this bookmarklet: Share on b2b-media & publishing Social Bookmark Site .

About Digg b2b-media.

Place comments, questions, ideas in Comments or eMail me.

I look for active collaborator interested in b2b, a second admin (it is not too much work) and any suggestion regarding description, categories, etc.. Social bookmarking and filtering needs a strong community - if you join in an help b2b-media it will stay, if not it will die!

via / credits to Constantin Basturea (PR meets the WWW)
(and I just copied Constantin's idea - Thank you, Constantin!)

Check out his new site (16-June-2006)
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