Donnerstag, Juni 08, 2006

Do Newspapers Look Better From the Front?

In The Center for Media Research latest Research Brief (7-June-2006) they 'analysed' on data from 'The Media Audit':

"Newspapers (Apparently) Look Better From the Front

According to The Media Audit, the percentage of adults reading the front section of a daily newspaper from 2000 to 2005 increased from 51.4 to 53.0 percent in the 87 metropolitan markets surveyed regularly.

Bob Jordan, president of International Demographics, producer of The Media Audit, said "The same research shows the percentage of adults reading the other 11 sections of a daily newspaper declined. [...]" more ...

My thought about what this results suggesting is a little different:

Lots of stuff in the daily newspaper is 'no news' (and often not the primary, preferred source anymore). Even for conditioned, sequential readers of dailies, the 'book' is getting more boring page by page.

Who has the time and the desire to read or browse from the beginning to the end on worked-on news, when you can easily access ONC's and ONM's, anytime from anywhere?

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ONC = Original News Content
ONM = Original News Manufacturer