Donnerstag, Juni 22, 2006

EPS Focus Report: The Future of Digital Newspapers (June 2006)

Our UK Partner EPS LTD, London just released

EPS Focus Report JUNE 2006, 45 pages

Is the writing on the wall?:
The future of digital newspapers

Authors: Rebeca Cliffe, Dan Penny, and Majied Robinson


Introduction: The impact of a networked world

Business models for digital newspapers
- Display ads
- Classified
- Paid-for-Content
- Syndication

What will the newspaper of the future look like?



Expert Interviews
- Guy Ruddle, Podcast Editor, The Telegraph
- Nigel Pocklington, Director of Online Publishing,
- Annalies Van Den Belt, New Media Director, The Telegraph
- Steve Outing, journalist, columnist and citizen journalism entrepreneur

The paper gives a compact overview and is summarizing what is in discussion.

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