Samstag, Juni 17, 2006

Half of Marketers Have Paid for Editorial Coverage

Paul Gillin writes on his Blog - Social Media and the Open Enterprise

"A survey by PRWeek and Manning Selvage & Lee found that nearly 50% of marketing executives say they have paid for an editorial placement in print or online.

It's interesting to see how the media has played this story. BtoB Magazine scolded the editors, declaring that the survey indicates editorial credibility as ''in tatters.'' MediaBuyerPlanner played it down the middle, pointing out that most consumers don't believe what they read, anyway. The top guy at Manning Selvage & Lee blamed both sides, pointing out that marketers should never pay for placement, but publishers shouldn't offer it, either ..."

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Paul's take is that "the survey results are more damning for marketers than for the journalism profession."

Not really a surprise, for people who know me, I feel very strongly about such behavior, and the other way round.

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