Mittwoch, Juni 21, 2006

How You Can Help To Keep My Motivation Up

Wie Sie helfen können, meine Motivation (für das Weblog, die Newsletter, Social Bookmarks, usw.) aufrecht zu erhalten ...

Brian Carroll's eMail this morning (he is the author of the new book ‘Lead generation for the complex sale’) was telling me, that the nominees for the ‘Marketing Sherpa Readers'Choice Blog and Podcasting Awards 2006’ were announced today and my blog would be among them, made me think (twice).

My small blog has been nominated (in Blogs in other languages … ?!), what do I really need, what do I really want from my readers and my potential readers.

My first set of answers (and in this order) are

A) Hire me, for better results, avoiding 'old mistakes' and a healthy sleep at night
(I worked / work on many places in Europe, Asia and US – and sometime on multiple places at the same time …)

B) Tell other people (who would benefit) about my work and services

C) Make a donation via PayPal to me or anyone else contributing to your success

D) Vote for my Blog at the Marketing Sherpa Readers'Choice Blog and Podcasting Awards 2006’

;-) of course you can use multiple means to cheer me up

Thank You Dear (unknown) Reader(s) / User(s) from .... , nominating my blog!