Donnerstag, Juni 08, 2006

Please, Not Another White Paper Lead Generation Program

Folio: magazine reports about 'Ziff Launches Lead Generation Program for Tech Marketers'

Ziff Davis Media is certainly not the first publisher (and not the last one either) to launch a white-paper-based 'lead generation program'. So what?

Is 'lead generation' not something B2B publisher have (or should have) done for a long, long time? Besides all other means like Events, DM, Sales people, ...

The burning question (if you are in love with B2B Media) is, how many of such 'white paper lead generation' programs does a specific market or specific industry earnestly need? Can you stop there? Can you differenciate you from the competition? Can you make enough money with it and how many of this programs will survive. And, will white 'paper lead generation' a domain for publisher? For how long?

Or will it shortly been overtaken by more convincing services in the net ...

Did you read about Outsell Inc. findings, interviewing 7.000 professionals about their information sourcing pattern?

In short, the found out, that

- on average this professionals spend about 12 hours per week searching and reading (up from 10.9 hours previous year)

- this professionals using (like everyone else) general search engine and

- they find and prefer to read original press releases (found on Google, Yahoo and MSN News) versus reported (worked on) news in B2B magazines and their online outlets

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and/or on AQuantive, IDG, Tech-Target, etc. ...

back to Folio:
"Ziff Davis Media has launched a white paper-based lead generation program, which will partner with its Web Buyer's Guide and provide qualified leads and prospective buyers to tech companies […]" more on Folio:

How innovative? How boring! The B2B world will not wait for B2B publisher to get their act together …. Hurry up!