Sonntag, Juni 11, 2006

Readers are Satisfied with Digital Magazine Editions

and publisher could benefit from it! (But at least in Germany, they wait until IVW makes the next few steps).

via Folio: Magazine

In a survey conducted from (partisan) Texterity Inc. (certified by BPA Worldwide) more than 30.000 digital magazine readers of 45 different publications (b-to-b and consumer magazines, from 13 publisher) and more than 20 % of them answered.

(Read: X % of respondence say, they ...)

91 % take action after reading an ad
83 % looked at an advertisers Web site
46 % no longer use or infrequently use the print version of the magazine
41 % forwarded advertiser information to a friend of colleague
37 % contacted the advertiser for more information
33 % increased their use of the publications Web site after subscribing
32 % recommended a product or service
24 % purchased a product or service based on ads in the digital edition

and 5-to-1 prefer to renew a digital subscriptions versus print.

More at Folio:

Which meaning do these results have?

To mee:
- The reader does not care much about whether a magazine comes on paper or on print. It looks like a competition of finding the time for either print or ePaper.

- eMagazines integrate well into to information intake, handling and retrieval at work and at home.

- Publishers (clearly would have a cost advantage in production and delivery cost and more integration and interactivity) are still reluctant - and have not sorted out am understanding and 'deal' with advertisers ...

A quote (from Folio: ) from Peter Meirs (Time Inc.)
'Technology Shaping Media'- Speech at a MPA Luncheon:

"The future of digital magazines, he said, is looking brighter as magazines are becoming more practical, and infusing digital versions with rich media and flexible screens. "It's a little like a magazine, a little like a Web site," he said. "A magazine is a linear collection with a beginning, middle and end, while a Web site is an amorphous entity." More ...