Freitag, Juni 23, 2006

Social Media vs. Less-Social Media

writes Ben McConnell on the Church of Customer Blog

He shows how the New York Times, a more than 150 years old institution, with its performs versus - daily reach January - June 2006.

I'm not sure whether you can draw straight conclusion on this diagramm, but... more

And I'm also not sure, whether I would call TimeSelect a sure prove that putting 'content behind a wall' works as a convincing model for paid content (if only about 1,2 % of my 'hungry' readers decide to make a contribution for this 'special offer').

Update Turnover TimeSelect:
according to GigaOM
"Times Select has generated just $6 million in sales so far, a rounding error for a company expected to post $3.5 billion in annual revenue this year."

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