Dienstag, Juni 06, 2006

Two days in Copenhagen at Reboot8

Spending 2005 virtual 24 hours with Loic Le Meur at Reboot 7.0 (24 hours on Socialtext: European Blogosphere at Reboot) made me register for 2006 Reboot 8.0 .

I was surprised, when I found out, that Reboot 8.0 is 'calling on the Renaissance Man'. However, this theme inspired Ben Hammersley to one of the best and most entertaining presentation (incl. encore) during our two days in Copenhagen.

We (Hi, Hagit) argued early, why there is a need (or want) to sit down and to spend our time to think about and call for a renaissance in this, still young and vibrant new technology-supported social-sphere in the making.

Maybe we should instead call for a Renaissance to bring back power (and control) to the people, the groups and networks, away from out of control, non-public authorities, procedures, rooms and media into the public.

Only a few presentation, to my expectation and taste, were new, innovative and/or state-of-the-art – but maybe I spend too much time online …

The program left sufficient time for interesting conversations (and small talk) and to take care of 'old' contacts and making new ones, among them

Thomas N. Burg, Oliver Gassner, Bruno Giussani, Nico Lumma, Martin Roell, Colin Schlueter, Nicole Simon, Vasco Sommer-Nunes, Florian Wilken

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