Sonntag, Juni 04, 2006

Vietnam Counts 12,5 Plus Million Internet User

I passionated about Viet Nam and its friendly and eager people for a long, long time even so I never succeeded to start CHIP Magazine in Viet Nam and had to close MM Industrial Magazine during the economical crises – but had interesting discussion and made good friends -
therefore, I have to share this update on Viet Nam Internet (via Smart Mobs, taken from Bangkok Post)

Viet Nam News reported (2-June-2006):

"In recent years, Internet Viet Nam has made a break-through development with more than 12.5 million Internet subscribers , according to the Global Internet Policy Initiative Viet Nam (GIPI Viet Nam).

Counting to the end of April, Viet Nam has 227,000 ADSL subscribers with growth rate of ADSL subscription of 300 per cent per year, and nine Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

The figure represents a huge leap of ADSL in Viet Nam when compared to 183 users in 2003 – the first year when ADSL stepped into Vietnamese market."

And pricing has helped a lot (costs are still high considering income)
"Over past three years, dial-up accession fee has decreased by five times from VND200 (1.25 US cents) per minute to VND40 (0.25 US cents) per minute. In addition, fee for ADSL accession has reduced to the regional countries’ average level of $15-30 per month [...]" more

For you to compare:
Vietnam Internet Statistics July 2004 - just under 2 years ago - :

- Number of Internet Subcribers : 1 436 417
- Number of Internet users : 5 341 943 (now: 12,5 million plus)
- Percentage of Internet users on the population : 6.55% (now: about 15,0 %)

taken from

We do not know how accurate this new figures from GIPI Viet Nam are, but they look quite impressive.

(A Small correction on the Bangkog Post headline:
300 percent growth is for ADSL, not for Internet (or Internet subscribers).