Samstag, Juli 01, 2006

ABMs New Business Media Study by Harris Interactive

I had a first look at the Harris Interactive Business Media Study for American Business Media (ABM) presented last week at Bloomberg LP.

ABM calls the study on the B2B end-user mindset groundbreaking and remarkable. Do not expect from the Association of Business Media to commission and present a study that finds Business Media a relict from the past or close to dead. The new Harris Business Media Study sees "B-to-b magazines [...] as the most trustworthy source of information, and were mentioned as the single most reliable source, (trade press) Web sites valued for their immediacy and Trade shows "as the best at raising awareness of products".

The results is based on data from 588 interviews (28 each for 21 BIN Categories) - 96 % of them identifying themselves as business media reader ... on average the were reading 4.2 B2B magazines and visiting 7.4 B2B websites in the past month prior to the interview ...

Harris Interactive calls the study representative for all B2B media categories (21 BIN or 22/20) and the whole industry, they asked all the question advertisers and agencies have on their mind (at least the should have at the publishers wish). I would need more information on the methology establishing data in the interview, to understand the outcome and I am sceptical about the validation of the 2001 - 2006 comparision.

In any case, worthwhile looking at ..


See the press release called 'News on Print'
(the naming is telling about the predominant mindset at ABM)

See and study the Harris Business Media Study
(a 71 page powerpoint presentation)