Sonntag, Juli 23, 2006

At The Biz Titles, It's All About The Web

says Samantha Melamed at the Media Life Magazine

Maybe not exacly, but:
There is not much in the future for B2B title without the Web (and more)!

From Samantha's article

Quote 1:
"...Publishers see their sites accounting for an ever-greater share of revenue:

BusinessWeek's site will account for up to 13 percent of total ad revenues this year and between 18 percent and 20 percent in 2007, says president Bill Kupper ... at Forbes, that magazine's top 10 advertisers are all buying across two or more platforms, reports president and publisher Jim Berrien."

Quote 2: from Bill Kuper (Business Week)
"The new way to launch a print publication is to launch it online first ..."