Dienstag, Juli 04, 2006

Chi Town Daily News Experiments with Ultra-Local News

Launched in December, the Chi Town Daily News is increasing its readership by ten per cent each month because of its unique approach to publication.

Oliver Luft writes on journalism.co.uk (3-July-2006):

US experiment in citizen journalism offers alternative model for local news reporting

Some Quotes:
"The big idea for American newspapers was one of being all things to all people [...]

Now people go to specialist sites for what they are looking for, rather than one-stop shopping as they did before [...]

He concluded that the digital age, rather than simply increasing the flow of knowledge around the globe, was something that could put people back in touch with the world on their doorstep [...]

There is a big demand for ultra-local information. It is perverse really what news focuses on ... People are most interested in what is happening down the street [...]

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It is about time, to get back a balance ... and local news to the front page of newspapers!