Montag, Juli 03, 2006

Marketers Ready To Try Mobile Couponing


Next Time Your Cell Rings, It Could Save You a Buck

Source: from the Advertising Age article

Via MediaPost's Marketing Daily

"Cost-conscious consumers needn't worry about clipping coupons to get discounts on products. Now all they have to do is answer their cell phones. That's because the long-anticipated era of mobile couponing has apparently arrived. In the next few weeks, major marketers and retailers including Hollywood Video,, TGI Friday's, and Bath & Body Works will try it for the first time, while Target, Best Buy, and other mass marketers are expected to use cell phone-targeted coupons for the 2006 holiday season. "Mobile couponing has arrived," said Brent Dusing, CEO of Moonstorm, a mobile-marketing-solution provider ..." more

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