Samstag, Juli 01, 2006

MediaPost's Search Insider: Future of Media Buy

Ellen Siminoff writes in MediaPost Search Insider 'Lesson Learned, Part 2'

"… the days of advertisers accepting standardized ad rates based only on yearly readership or viewership audits and not bottom-line business results are ending--sooner rather than later [...]"

sparked some thoughts about the future of media buy ...

- media sales slips more and more out of the hand of media / media sales organization
(in online publisher today might control 15 to 25 % or less of ad sales - see earlier post)

- non-media orgs sell advertising to existing clients (e.g. even so the test was not so successful)

- advertising is sold via auction e.g. eBay (see Ellen's article and Jaffe Juice about the discussion and Rewind project)

- and price setting is supported by prediction markets (they call it 'a Nasdaq-like trading system for purchasing - Ellen calls it Adsdaq)

- advertising is 'given away' on affiliation and paid for in social currency

Ellen Siminoff 'Lesson Learned, part 2'

(Lesson Learned, part 1 – in case you missed it)

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