Dienstag, Juli 04, 2006

Russian Blog Popularity Doubled in 9 Month

romir montoring published in June 2006 an updated report on Blogging Russia

The results and changes vs. 9 month ago are quite remarkable and interesting

Some results:
Do you know what a blog is?

Yes 61 % (up from 32 %)
No 39 % (down from 68 %)

Do you visit blog sites / read blogs?

I read blog of other bloggers 36 %
I have my own blog and read blogs of other bloggers 17 %
I do not read blogs of others and do not have my own blog 47 %

Methode - in short:
All-Russia Online Omnibus, 1537 active - at least once a month - Internet User 18+

Interested in the Russian Bloggingsphere? There are more data online

If we use my last figures on Internet penetration in the RF, than

17 % Bloggers = about 3,9 Million Bloggers for the Russian Federation ....