Sonntag, Juli 30, 2006

TechTarget On Target For 2007 IPO?

BtoB Daily News Alert (28-Jul-2006) writes about TechTarget efforts to find investment bankers to underwrite its IPO plans for 2007:

“There are pros and cons to filing an IPO, but the pros outweigh the cons” said the source, who requested anonymity. “The cons have to do with public disclosure, but the pros will be getting a very significant infusion of capital, about $100 million investment, to expand internationally and do more acquisitions.”

Scratching my head. Once, twice ...

$100 million? Will that be enough to pay out investors having spend $ 127 million over time?

Getting a $ 100 million for a successful, competitive company (and business model) which aims according to CEO Greg Strakosch to make $ 100 million turnover next year?

Did TechTarget not look for something close to $ 600 million - for a Sellout or IPO before?

Something wrong with the anonym source or with ... ?

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