Dienstag, Juli 18, 2006

Voila! The French Blogosphere in June 2006

From the Center for Media Research:

"Outside the USA, France is one of the leading 'blogging' countries and its 'blogosphere' (bloggers and/or blogs' creators) is growing fast. According to a recent exclusive crmmetrix study, 26.7% of the French online population visit a blog at least once a month ..."

Some figures from CMR:

18.8% have posted a comment on a blog
8.1% have created there own blog
92.2% of onliners agree that blogs enable the greatest freedom of expression
81.3% are both reactive and interactive
75.7% say blogsd create a closest possible relationship between people
62.9% of blogs are considered more critical than any other source of information


More on the French Blogosphere at the crmmetrix Blog