Samstag, Juli 29, 2006

What Are The Best Lead Generation Means and Tactics?

MarketingSherpa's conducted the

3rd. Annual Study of Business Technology Marketing

asking about 1,900 business technology marketers and 633 business technology buyers what works for them. Here are some of the results:

(this one of 151 charts & tables)

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Nr. 1: Food for brain and 'educational' works best

Nr. 2: Blogs (and maybe soon podcasts) work well as lead generation vehicles

Nr. 3: Relying on free trials only is not enough (not even for software)

Nr. 4: White paper lead generation works, but should be singled out

Nr. 5: 'Low-ball' offers generate low-quality leads

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The complete study
Business Technology Marketing 2006

On search, email, PR, lead generation, websites, advertising, blogs, branding, podcasting, telemarketing, test drives, webcasts and more, with 151 tables & charts on 217 pages (for 297 USD).