Mittwoch, August 23, 2006

ABC's Aggregates Audience Data for B2B Publisher Advertisers

Update November Board Meeting:
'Total Audience Reach' is now called 'Total Contacts' and can include tradeshow figures

The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) released its first Consolidated Media Report developed to meet the growing demands on aggregated information across media platforms. The new report provides ABC certified business publications with a way to present aggregated information about a publication's circulation, pass-along receivership, Web site traffic, and other auditable media (such as e-newsletters and trade show distribution), compiled into one Total Audience Reach figure.


Consolidated Media Report Prototype (PDF)

One of the first report published is for Advertising Age magazine. According to the ABC press release Jill Manee (Publisher of Advertising Age) explains the benefit for B2B publishers:

"The Consolidated Media Report offered our advertisers a comprehensive way to look at our brand and its vitality, it's a convenient way to summarize the entire reach of our brand, through multiple products, and for a total audience reach. It demonstrates our value in ABC-audited circulation while recognizing our full range of products and reach beyond print circulation."

Not yet - but soon - the actual report will be published here.

For my German colleagues:
When does the IVW and the Deutsche Fachpresse deliver such data for interested ad clients and agencies?