Mittwoch, August 16, 2006

Print-on-demand Magazines Created by Online Communities

Rex Hammock (rexblog) is pointing (again) to JPG magazine

who have taken "an online collaborative, community experience into print and about how they are displaying that certain types of creative and intellectual expression will ultimately seek a print outlet."

He writes about JPG magazine's new startup venture 8020 Publishing:

... we can expect from them print-on-demand magazines created by online communities ... for narrow niche, short-run magazines created and read by a passionate audience, I think this is a powerful idea ...


From the 8020 blog:
We Love the Smell of Print in the Morning

Love for Magazines and communities and 8020 rule (and not the 1 % rule), how does this work out?

JPG and further 8020 mags work via the On-Demand-Publisher and they expanded in not long ago into UK and Germany.

Is anyone reading here interested to work something out?

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