Donnerstag, September 07, 2006

Case Study: How to Get Bloggers to Evangelize Your Product

Maybe you should check this undepentently whether you are a marketer or a blogger (so you know whats they are after):

Can business marketers use the blog world to get more site traffic from highly targeted prospects? Yes, it is possible, says Marketing Sherpa in its summary and talkes about four tactics Trade Ideas was using and the results the got out of this program:

From the results:

- After a year of focus on schmoozing the blogging community, 8.2% of Trade Ideas' referred traffic comes from search engines and nearly 90% comes from bloggers. This doesn't represent a drop in total search-generated traffic, but rather an addition from the blog community.

- Example, on a typical day this June, 18% of total referring sites were search engines and 71% were bloggers.


(free access until September 16, than via SherpaShop)