Dienstag, Oktober 31, 2006

Beyond the blogwagon: Niche Reporting at the New York Times

Neil Chase (NYT) shared last week at the World Digital Publishing Conference, how the 'Grey Lady of American journalism' is finding ways of using blogs to create interesting new forms of journalism. This were his examples:

1. Allowing a non-specialists to help cover a global event
e.g. The World Cup Blog

2. Allowing reporters to compete with their emerging competitors
e.g. Joining the Albany political blogosphere

3. Using well-known journalists to grow the online audience
e.g. Frank Bruni Dinner Journal

4. Allowing niche coverage of local politics
e.g. Covering the mayoral election in Newark in a blog

5. Quickly launching new revenue-generating micropublications
e.g. Global business morning news eMail letter DealBook (out of Paris)

more / via Online pressgazette