Freitag, Oktober 27, 2006

crayon - The World's First 'New Marketing Company' Two Press Release Formats

1. the traditional version

2. the social media version

Check out what version would better fit in with the work process your media relations comfortable with ... I like (and prefer to work with) the SM version

crayon Company Website

The reason I publish this example is: that I am a regular listener of Neville and Shels FIR Podcast and I wish Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz (and all the rest) well with this new venture and the educational value of the two-fold format ...

Sorry, as you see, I am allergic against the ubiquitous use of "New" vs "Old" - What is 'New Marketing' and 'Where is the benefit in New Marketing' vs. Marketing'? or is it a world without Marketing (and Advertising)?

It hope, is not near to the distinction Nielsen Media makes between 'Classic Media' and 'New Media', where New Media stands for Direct Mail, Internet and Cinema